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Are We There Yet?



Growing up my family took road trips for travel. We did not often fly to our destinations, instead, we loaded up the van and drove. I recently was thinking about these times of travel as a kid. The anticipation leading up to it was fun and exciting but once we were on the road I was just ready to be at our destination. I did not want to be in the car for that long journey.

My dad enjoyed driving at night while we would sleep in the back of the van. We had movies and snacks to keep us occupied when we were awake. I remember when waking up from sleeping hoping hours had passed so that we were closer to our destination. Most of the time I had not slept long and we were still far from where we planned to stop. Y’all my family did not take short trips...these trips were anywhere from ten to twenty-four-hour long drives. We would find ourselves asking my dad the question, “are we there yet?” more times than he wanted to answer.

Maybe you can relate to this memory. Perhaps your family took road trips or you are still taking road trips because of COVID limiting travel. There is a strong chance you have found yourself on a long trip wondering, “am I there yet?” You know the destination but it takes a long time to get there. As I have gotten older I realize traveling is a process. It is a long process to get to the final destination.

I was spending time with Jesus wondering about when I would be done with the current process He had me in. He gently reminded me of these memories of travel as a child asking my dad, “are we there yet?” Having to go through the process, which was hours of travel, to arrive at our destination. It was a process or a journey.

To be in the process is hard! Personally, I do not like the process. I have had to work on shifting my thinking to love the process of life. Sometimes I think I am almost through a process and will arrive at this momentous point, but the reality is I am just entering a new process.

When I was talking with God about my current state of being He brought me to the passage in Hebrews 13:14 to remind me I will not be arriving at my destination here on Earth. “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” Hebrews 13:14

God was reminding me that this life on earth is not my destination. I will always be in a process until the day I am in Heaven. I felt deep peace being reminded of this fact. As believers, we have great hope for our lives beyond this earth. It is what helps us in difficult times. Trust me, there will be difficult times.

We find earlier in Hebrews 13:5a-6 a beautiful reminder, “For God has said, “I will never fail you I will never abandon you.” So we can say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”

We are in a process, traveling to our true homes in Heaven. Until we reach that destination we need to trust that God is never leaving us in our difficult process. Remember He is your helper and there is no need to fear this journey.

If you are in a challenging process right now, remember you are not alone. You have God driving you to your destination, trust the process. Are you ready to enjoy the journey with Him no matter what the road there looks like? This life is a journey are you going to trust the true navigator, God, to get you to your destination?

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1 Comment

Orlando O. Spencer I™
Orlando O. Spencer I™
Sep 10, 2020

I am so loving this piece. I also like to relish the journey. As mankind we seem to want everything fast; fast transportations, then computers, way of life, growth. However, this only seem to speed us on our way to the end. What we need is not speed, but slow and steady, to allow the fruit of life to grow and ripen on the tree of cause and effect. When we see that slow is better than haste, repose is better than spasmodic, then we will see that eternity is better then millennia. So why live our lives in the fast lane, when the slow lane is so much sweeter.

Physiologically speaking, it is not the things we aspire for…

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