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Winds of Change



When it gets bitterly cold outside I find refuge and comfort in the kitchen cooking a warm dinner for my family.  As I stood by the oven, still warm to the touch, I began washing the mound of dishes left by the hungry mob who now was enjoying a movie in their pjs.

Swirling my hands around the soapy warm water, my temperature began to rise.  As I reached up and opened the kitchen window to find some momentary relief, I was taken aback when a gust of wind blew threw the partially opened window and created a cloud of steam.  As the air swirled around in front of me, I watched as it danced back and forth as the wind carried it.

It can be a beautiful thing when hot water meets the cold air and fog is formed. 

I have been hearing the Lord speak to me for months about the Church.  Not a building but the people of God that make up the Church.  He is calling us to become hot and not cold any longer.  Burning bright for Jesus and being undeniably passionate for Him!  

The breath of God is blowing across groups of people, states, & nations right now.  His wind is sweeping across the earth looking to and fro for the hot people.  The areas that will create steam to signal to the rest of the world, “He is here!  He is moving!  He is not silent! He is GOOD!”

Wind can be seen when it comes in contact with an object.  Leaves, trees, flags, kites, or your hair as it sticks to your lip gloss (every.single.time).  Wind becomes visible! 

What will happen when the breath of God blows across you?  Will you be lukewarm water that doesn’t create fog?  Will you be a house on a shifty foundation that comes crashing down?  

I challenge you to burn bright for Jesus and plant yourself in him, as your foundation!

Be ready for whatever comes, dressed for action and with your lamps lit. Luke 12:35

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

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