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Say Yes!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019



“Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her” Luke 1:45

Have you ever said "yes" to God for what you believed was the assignment of a lifetime? When you said "yes" did you know you would never be the same again? I love the story of Mary - who accepted the assignment of her lifetime.

I can only imagine what she was thinking when the angel Gabriel announced she would give birth to the Son of the Most High. Mary was also given details of how this son would be conceived. Without hesitation her response to this assignment of a lifetime was, "May it be to me as you have said" (Luke 1:38, NIV).

Has something like this ever happened to you? Has the Lord spoke to you through His Word and prayer and in your spirit you sensed Him telling you something that seemed so farfetched? Has He asked you to say "yes" to an assignment that would change your life forever? You walked around bewildered for a couple days, wondering if you really heard right. You replayed the scenario in your mind to get a clearer picture of the experience, but still could not get a handle on it. Then out of the blue you received confirmation. God used a pastor, scripture, song, friend, family member, or a situation to confirm the word He spoke to your heart. If so, like Mary, have you responded with a song of praise to the Lord?

“Your name is Yahweh, your the miracle working God”

Is God speaking to you today about accepting a divine assignment?

Or, maybe you are still waiting on your lifetime assignment. God gives each assignment in His perfect timing. Let's stay close to Him and His Word so we will be ready to say "yes" when He speaks.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for every one of your beloved’s that our hearts and minds would be fixed on you, keep us sharp and on point from not drifting away or growing dull of hearing from the word of God. May we pay close attention to how you are speaking to us? With fear, trembling, and excitement, I wait on the next one. You are a right-on-time God! Thank You for choosing us to be part of Your story. With each assignment, help us all to respond like Mary by saying, "May it be to me as you have said." In Jesus' Name, Amen

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